Trusted Saskatoon & Social Maverick

Anna Is An Asset To Her Clients Business

Anna has worked in a variety of industries including construction, marketing, recreation, event planning, sales, non-profit and customer service. She has always valued the importance of building relationships with everyone that she crosses paths with and she loves to network. Anna is known for going above and beyond for the clients. She loves to work with them to come up with new and exciting ideas to support their success. As a mother of two she finds she learns a lot from her children as they are both very creative. When she can she loves to spend time with friends and family, gardening, cooking and enjoying life.

Mending Little Hearts

Anna’s son William has a heart condition so she volunteers her time and sits on the board of directors for the Little Hearts Family Group as well as supports the Saskatchewan Children’s Heart Fund. She founded Mending Little Hearts Fund Of Saskatchewan to support children in Saskatchewan with heart conditions as well as fundraising for Pediatric Cardiology.