Leanna Keyes has worked one on one with some of the largest companies across Western Canada

Leanna bring 15 years sales and management in the satellite industry and over 13 years radio & online advertising sales experience. Her success is due to the fact that her main objective has always been to work tirelessly for her clients. Leanna is committed to assisting and supporting them to achieve their marketing & business goals.

Why Trusted?

“I’ve always been a long distance runner when it comes to cultivating business relationships. My reputation throughout my career is a solid one. My love and curiosity of anything ‘techy’, has brought me back to doing what I truly love. I thrive on teaching, training, explaining and guiding business owners and their team on new and advancing marketing & online techniques and technologies”. Leanna Keyes, Trusted Partner

Word Wizadry

“Contrary to popular belief, wizards are not born – they are self-created. And the process has nothing to do with higher education or special powers: wizardry is attained only through perseverance. Beginning as average people with oversized curiosities, wizards tend to emerge slowly from a long-simmering soup of passion and commitment. Think of them as children who keep tugging mommy’s dress and asking, “Why?”    – Roy Williams, The Wizard Of Ads.

Leanna Keyes is a Graduate of The Wizard Of Ads Academy- The Magical Worlds Communication workshop…Where they taught her how to do consciously what a gifted person does unconsciously.

Pretty Cool Stuff!