“Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks”

Supporting The Community

Sara is grateful for the opportunities Saskatchewan has given her and her family. Giving back to the community has always been a focus. She is thrilled to be able to give back even more as the owner of Trusted Marketing Services, where she works with many local non profits and charitable events each year donating time and marketing support!

Recognized as a leader in Saskatoon, she is in demand as a consultant, emcee and presenter for marketing events & seminars. She was a guest on Shaw Saskatoon TV’s Leading Edge– Engaging conversations with Saskatoon’s community and business leaders, with host Dave Hagel. Trusted is also presenting sponsor and Sara is a regular guest host for the WESK ,   Greater Saskatoon Chamber Shaken with a Twist – This event series is an interactive speaking and networking event geared towards professional women in Saskatoon. The speaking guests are experienced and accomplished women who are asked a number of questions both personal and professional about their achievements.

In June of 2018, Sara Wheelwright was appointed to The Saskatchewan Chamber Of Commerce Board Of Directors.  This role allows Sara to follow her passion to advocate on behalf of small business, immigrant-owned business and women-owned owned businesses in Saskatchewan.

Sara Wheelwright in red hat

Leading Growth and Innovation

In 2014, Sara expanded Trusted’s services launching a full-service Saskatchewan digital marketing agency, Trusted Marketing Services. The success of Trusted’s is a testament to the importance of having business integrity in a digital age, where access to free-flowing information is constantly influencing consumers. Her experiences and insight are relevant to all business owners interested in progressive marketing strategies. Her biggest strength is being able to communicate the complexities of online marketing and how the internet works to local business owners in a way that they can fully comprehend. This, in turn, empowers them and helps them compete in this new marketing landscape.

Sara is the voice of many radio, TV and  YouTube ads across North America – her favourite features her as a rather haughty British banana!

What Talents?

In Jan 2015 ‘Trusted Sara’ showed Saskatoon some hidden talents with her impressive Bollywood dance moves as a ‘star’ dancer featured in Saskatoon’s 3rd annual ‘Swinging With The Stars extravaganza.’ This tremendously fun event raised $10,000’s for Hopes Home Saskatoon in just 1 night.

Sara thinks BIG…and we can definitely confirm that her thinking takes place outside of the box!