Why Choose Trusted Marketing services for your Saskatchewan video production and marketing

Businesses are flocking to video content marketing as an efficient and wickedly effective content tactic. Trusted Marketing Services offer cost effective video marketing for local businesses in Saskatchewan. Our videographer Mark Simms is an award winning documentary film maker, he is passionate about getting the right shots to showcase you and your business! If you are looking for a Saskatchewan video production company we recommend you should call us first! 

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But the focus on making the video production often overshadows the marketing of it. And winning followers on YouTube and other social platform’s when using video requires different strategies than doing so through other types of content marketing. Online video performance isn’t just about views, it’s about audience and engagement…just like EVERYTHING else online! 

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If you are going to choose a Saskatchewan video production company, why not choose one that also knows marketing, one that can show actual results when it comes to videos, and not just on You Tube? Our Trusted Channel contains 100’s of videos we produced – many of them are amateur standard, as we produced them for free for Trusted partners, but we do have some professional ones too, and there will be more as we grow our portfolio. The Trusted You Tube channel has nearly 2000 subscribers and well over 50,000 views of the videos we have published, we don’t just TALK the TALK! 

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It takes an entire team of talented individuals with diverse experience to develop and implement a successful strategic marketing program…Trusted Marketing Services Agency has just that team. Contact us today for your video production needs! 



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