Do you have a marketing vision or are you blinkered?

So do you have vision when it comes to your marketing or are you just wandering through the advertising landscape aimlessly with no real direction? 

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I ask this question , as it is one that needs to be asked if you are going to invest in advertising in any form. In this new World of online advertising options, I find that too many companies just do stuff , rather than follow the logical steps of

1.Think about what they want to achieve….then  

2. Take the time to work out how to get there the most effectively as possible.

I was prompted to write this article after the Trusted team’s recent personal development day at our Saskatoon Marketing HQ in the vibrant Riversdale Area Saskatoon.  We started off by creating ‘ vision boards’ – if you are not familiar with this technique, the purpose is to lay out on the board through images and words what you WANT and what you desire for yourself. This is not a time to hold back and be modest; mine included a 1954 Corvette Stingray, cage diving with Great whites and a firm butt, along with professional success and family time!

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These are NOT my dreams….these are my GOALS,  and I want to achieve each and every one of them. By laying them out on the board , that is now hanging up in my office so I can see it every day, I can ensure that I remain focused on what i want to happen , so I can work towards MAKING it happen.  

Each of my goals needs 3 things to be able to happen :

1. My TIME- I have to be a participant for it to happen for me.

2. MONEY – I need cash to pay for the trip to Atlantis with the family, and for a trainer to get that firm booty.

3.  A plan……how am I going to do it? 

The only other alternative is waiting for a lottery win, and it would have to be a BIG win ..I have lofty goals!

These 3 things are VITAL to consider when you are considering advertising – it doesn’t matter wether it’s just 1 Facebook post or an annual $50,000 radio campaign, if you don’t know WHY you are doing it , or what you want to achieve with it …it’s a waste of your TIME and MONEY!!  It’s also the same in business, I am a strong believer that you need to regularly work ON your business not just IN your business for your business to achieve it’s highest potential ( oh and BTW-the same goes for your personal development !!) 

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Contact me , Sara, the owner of  Trusted Marketing Services , today, we can get together ( in real life or virtually) and talk about what YOUR business goals are and what you want to achieve. We are Saskatoon’s newest and best full service marketing agency and we are the experts in what WE do . I look forward to meeting you !


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