Rebrand of Wheatland Fireplace by Trusted Marketing Services

Rebrand of Wheatland Fireplace by Trusted Marketing Services

Trusted Marketing Services was inevitable, we were created by our clients need to thrive in an entrepreneurial marketing environment where communication keeps unfolding into new forms. We were always going to evolve into who we are going to be. 

Our mission statement is THINK BIG. It’s for our clients, our Trusted team and our vision for Trusted.

Rebrand of Wheatland Fireplace by Trusted Marketing Services

Wheatland Fireplace have been a Trusted Directories partner since 2012. They were one of our first full service marketing clients in 2015. We are very grateful that they trusted our team with their 2016 rebrand. The Father and Son team of Chuck and Mike LePage , owners of Wheatland Fireplace, sat down with us in 2015 to talk marketing. At that meeting they shared their vision of where they wanted Wheatland Fireplace to go. We were impressed and excited to be invited to be involved!

Wheatland Fireplace is an industry leader in Saskatchewan. Over the last 25 years they have carved out their own niche in the Saskatchewan luxury home and lifestyle market. Best known for their impressive range of premium fireplaces and top quality BBQ’s , they also offered high end hot tubs and Heartland appliances, along with stunning art work appealing to the most discerning tastes. They had decided to bring in bathroom & kitchen products. They needed more room to showcase the new products, so they had made the decision to discontinue hot tubs ( due to their size ) and to increase the size of the showroom significantly to accommodate the stunning bathroom products they were going to bring in! 

Elements-of-a-Successful-Rebranding-StrategyRebranding by Trusted Marketing Services

Due to the tremendous impact that renaming and rebranding a company can have, it is critical to take the client through the process with care. There is no magic formula, however, there is a methodical process that involves careful strategy, memorable visuals and social interactions, all of which must speak in unison for a customer to place full trust and invest their emotions in what is on offer. When the client told us that they were expanding their product range to include bathroom and kitchen products, it was clear that Wheatland Fireplace wasn’t the best name for the long term. They decided to keep it simple, just expanding the name to include the new product lines. After that decision was made, we could really get the rebranding process going.

The first thing we needed to pin down was the visual representation, what was the new LOOK going to look like? 

New logo for Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath.

wheatland old logo

Wheatland’s Old logo

The team felt the old logo was looking dated, so creating a new one was the first task. The logo was going to set the tone and the color scheme for the website to follow.

When we design logos for companies, we generally offer a choice of 3 or 5 different designs to choose from, in this case we had 5 options. We created a retro option, a traditional option and some more modern options. After some deliberation and a few minor edits to the front runner, they decided upon their new logo and color scheme. 

Wheatland new logo

Wheatland new logo

The new logo is not a huge departure, we intended that to be the case. We have used a much more modern font, simplified the color scheme and updated the look of the flame.  It is simple, but has a luxurious modern feel, that is somewhat masculine.   We feel it represents the Wheatland brand perfectly and it has been embraced by the public when they launched the new look.


New Website

The previous website looked nice, but its framework was not meant to be easily updated by the client. More importantly it had a very restrictive blogging platform. When they got the previous website, it was what they wanted. Like most local retail companies, they really just wanted a website that would stay the same as day 1, but it must be easy to add/ delete products. When we came back with our strategy for their marketing we had a strong focus on content marketing. Unfortunately the old site was not able to do what we wanted, so a new website was vital to the success of our plan. We were confident that the beautiful products Wheatland sells were SO appealing to the public. So, if they provide articles and videos about the products on the website’s blog, then share them via Wheatlands social platforms the effect would be quality traffic to the websites …and we know quality local web traffic = sales! 


The new website is actually 3 websites, 1 for each city and 1 main site. This was for SEO purposes to ensure that each city would index well in it’s area. It also means we can do city specific blogs for events, team members etc.. It was more work, but we believe anything worth doing, is worth doing well. The new look is in keeping with the premium, high end product that they carry and their beautiful showrooms. After looking at the new bath and kitchen lines they were bringing in we knew the site was going to focus on showcasing the product as a priority. The site is filled with high quality images and is super easy to navigate. The Wheatland team are very pleased with the end result…and so are we!!  

A great website is never finished, this is because new relevant content should be added regularly. The new city sites have product galleries and the blog, so those 2 vital features are the way we will do that!  Watch this space! 

The Voice of Wheatland 

Chuck, Mike and the rest of the Wheatland management team are modest people by nature. They prefer to stay behind the scenes, running the operation with effort and care for their clients. Knowing this,  we needed to find a voice and a tone for ads, social media etc.. so we created, Whilemina.  She is a rather snooty, demanding British woman in her 40 something’s, but she has a soft spot for the Wheatland team. It is obvious that she is a huge fan of the the products that Wheatland carries. Whilemina doesn’t like cheap, she likes quality and she definitely likes to stand out from the crowd. We imagined her as a rather high maintenance client, but clearly she has been looked after and listened to by ‘the adorable boys at Wheatland’. The Whilemina persona is voiced and created by Sara Wheelwright the Trusted founder – check out this behind the scenes video of her voicing a radio ad for fireplaces earlier this year. What a fun job we have!  

Marketing services Saskatoon

Love her or hate her, Whilemina knows what she wants, so you can be assured that she gets what she wants at Wheatland Fireplace Kitchen & Bath! Whilemina appears on billboards, in radio ads and on social media …her catchphrase is :  

“At Wheatland it is ALL about you!” 

So please do check out the new Wheatland Firepalce Kitchen & Bath website , then go and see the amazing products for yourself in their beautiful Regina and Saskatoon showrooms!

See why they say  at Wheatland ” Better Living Begins Here! ” 

If you are interested in updating your brand or you just want help with your marketing direction, contact our Trusted team us today!

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