Looking for a professional public relations & marketing agency in Saskatchewan?

Crave working with professionals who fully understand your vision, brand, products and policies? Standing out from the crowd in a positive manner is the ideal way to win hearts, minds, votes & awards.

Public Relations

As a team, we are creative and strategic in equal measure and bring a big picture, logical and strategic approach to every project we engage with. We are a Saskatchewan full-service marketing agency that offers a fully integrated approach – from PR to events to social media, web design, video, and graphic design – we have experience in business to business, business to consumer as well as the candidate to voter.

Political Campaigns

The marketing machine involved in crafting a successful campaign is diverse and specialized. Things like teamwork, organization, analytics tracking, and communication are must-haves for any political marketing agency. Our team has experience working on civic and provincial campaigns, our strength is communicating policy and politics in a way that engages the public positively both on and offline.

Award Submissions

Go for Gold…hire a multi-award winning team to write your award submissions.

Winning an award enables you to share your stories with peers and others, and get you and your company recognition you deserve. But before you start planning your acceptance speech, the first step to winning an award is the award submission itself. Ultimately it’s about focus and answering questions in a clear and concise way. It’s about accuracy. And it’s about standing out.

Trusted and our founder has won local, provincial and international awards. We have been recognized for marketing, entrepreneurship and community involvement.

S & E Trusted Online Directories Inc. Political Campaign Disclaimer:

Trusted is a non-partisan marketing agency. Our role is to refine content provided to us by clients. The Trusted team do not create political content or policies, nor do we advise our clients as an agency on their policy direction. Trusted Marketing Services role to is to support and offer marketing advice. We assist in creating a unique brand for the candidate(s) and we create a strategy that communicates their bard messaging in an ethical and professional manner to their target audience.  Trusted is willing to work with candidates or parties from across the political spectrum, however, their policies or opinions are not ours. In addition, the opinions of our individual team members are their own.

S & E Trusted Online Directories Inc- is the parent company of Trusted Marketing Services.