Work with an SEO company you can TRUST

How to choose an SEO company 

These days many small business owners in Saskatchewan place their trust in SEO agencies. They do this as they don’t want to be hindered by poor local Google rankings. The problem is many times they experience quick positive results, which they later discover is due to different black hat techniques. The companies spend thousands of dollars to get high local search rankings, ultimately realizing that they have been scammed.


So, it is important to know, whether the SEO company you are considering will provide the  best services for getting the best results. You need to ask yourself, will they help you or hurt you with their services. 

What are the signs that the SEO company cannot be trusted? 

So, you hire and SEO expert and now you can just sit back and trust them to do all the SEO. You expect rankings to rise as quickly as they have told you they will, so all you have to do is just wait for the results.  This is not a smart decision,  let me explain why. 

The first thing you must do before hiring an SEO agency, is find out exactly what they are actually going to be doing during the first month of the contract. You should ask them about the plan/ SEO strategy for your business BEFORE committing to anything. This conversation will help determine whether their services will be helping or harming your website. 

1. Do they have anything to show ?

The SEO expert you choose should have something to show you about the actual SEO practices that they are planning to do for you. Things you would expect to hear from them are how they will:

  • Optimize the content on  your current website
  • Do an SEO audit of your site
  • Add strategic outbound links and inbound links 
  • Do and analysis of the site’s current link profile
  • Conduct an  analysis of company social and blog.

2. Do they ask you any questions about your business?

Things an SEO company should ask from you as the owner of the website/ business.

  • Admin access or view to Google Analytics and Google Adwords
  • Editor or admin access to your websites CMS
  • List of targeted keywords
  • Access to social media accounts

Do they offer suggestions for improvement? 

A good SEO partner would help you out with some website suggestions or improvements in order to get better results. They should view their relationship as a partnership. If they are not telling or suggesting something, then it’s all about THEM.

Do they share their techniques?

An ethical SEO agency should be open to discussing their techniques, after all you are paying them for their expertise and time!. A white hat SEO agency would have NO problem sharing their techniques, as they are accepted as legitimate ways to get proven results. If your SEO agency says that they need to keep their techniques confidential or ‘due to the nature of industry we cannot disclose our practices’ then beware!! 


In conclusion, Black Hat techniques may get immediate results, but eventually, your website will be penalized. White Hat techniques however are quality driven. This means they may take a little longer to work, but you will only benefit long term by using ethical and legitimate SEO practices. 

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