The Trusted Story

About Trusted

Once upon a time (2011), the founder of Trusted, Sara Wheelwright, an immigrant from the UK, took the plunge to leave her career in radio advertising and follow her dreams. Since that time, the mission of Trusted, has been to work with, promote & support local business. Something unique about Trusted Marketing Services, is that our team will only work with companies that have a track record of integrity, quality work and excellent customer service. We know when marketed well… they WILL always succeed!

We Bring Sparkle

Not smoke & mirrors! 

Our Trusted team is committed to demystifying the internet, social media and marketing for our clients. We collaborate and partner with them to create strategies to reach their company goals and marketing objectives.

Trusted Marketing Services Agency in Saskatchewan has a committed and talented team. We are an international award winning marketing agency with offices in Saskatoon & Regina. We only give our clients honest to goodness marketing advice! We are in this for long term profitability by conducting ourselves with integrity…not for short term gain at our clients expense!

Glasses Of Wine Consumed To Fire Our Creativity


With our in-house web designers, we recognize the fact that user experience, functionality & aesthetics are the three most important factors when designing websites. Our talented graphic design team create stunning logos & eye-catching marketing materials. Using tested methods, we work with you to ensure that your messaging & marketing goals are consistent & fully realized with the designs we create. We will work with you to bring your ideas to life. The process will be painless, & the end result will be something you will be proud to showcase & display!


Sound marketing strategy must be the foundation for any advertising campaign. Our objective is to create a consistent, authentic look and feel for your brand. Our intention is always to make your product/service stand out from the crowd. The secret to marketing success starts with simply appealing to your target audience. We will uncover your prospective customers needs and work back from there. Then by incorporating our services along with sound strategy and combined with delicious design from our divas, we are confident that you will get measurable results.

Sara Wheelwright

Sara Wheelwright

Founder & Marketing Maverick

She can walk on her hands and is even more creative with wine....ohhh and that accent! A multi award winning entrepreneur and a community minded visionary, Sara is a committed client focused workaholic. She has over 20years of sales and marketing experience, yet she has vowed to never stop learning. Sara moves a million miles a minute, Trusted is her marketing circus and she IS the maverick ringmaster!

Leanna Keyes

Leanna Keyes

Partner & Head Honchilita

She is an artistic, loyal, hard working and savvy marketing veteran. Don’t be fooled, she has great advertising instincts and knows her stuff better than most of those young whippersnapper marketers out there! Leanna loves to go on exciting adventures in far flung places, her tribe of wild women adore her, she collects little yappy dogs and we’ve heard on great authority that she’s the funnest grandma in Toon Town!

Nicole Grimley

Nicole Grimley

Graphic Design Goddess

This quiet and focused young lady is a graphic design and website warrior. She has an obvious flare for fashion and a skill for translating our clumsy design ideas into fabulous reality. We are of the opinion that her imagination must be more kaleidoscope than most. The Trusted team are confident that you will be impressed by Nicole's skills, precision, and friendly patience. However, we know there is no doubt...Nicole has swagger!

Anna Maton

Anna Maton


Anna Maton sets the bar high when it comes to customer service! She is driven by her clients successes and will always go the extra mile to support and promote them. She also loves to cook and has started to doing more canning and preserving of her garden produce. Just ask her for a jar of her garlicky pickles or some of her world famous borscht!

Victoria Hall

Victoria Hall


Victoria runs the accounts department like a well oiled machine! She truly believes that the devil is in the detail and she keeps the Trusted team on track and accountable. She loves technology and she is a cat lover. In her spare time you will find her leading her pack of girl guides. Oh, she is also visually impaired but it never slowed her down as you can see.

Lets Get Started Creating Your Project

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.


As Trusted Saskatoon and Regina Partners we are bound by our contract. We are proud to be part of a community of locally owned and accountable Saskatchewan businesses run with integrity.

5 Trusted Guarantees

  1. Provide the service and quality promised.
  2. Complete the job on time.
  3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.
  4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.
  5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.

Trusted Marketing Services are your Trusted Marketing Agency in Saskatchewan