A Trusted website for Sunrise Wellness Spa in Unity Saskatchewan

Our dear friends at Leipzig Serenity Retreat were kind enough to recommend our Trusted website design and marketing services to Geraldine the owner of Sunrise Wellness Spa in Unity , Saskatchewan.

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Sunrise Wellness Spa

Sunrise Wellness Spa is owned and operated by Geraldine Barrett RMT, SMT (c). She is a remarkable woman! After 20 years of massage therapy practice her passion to help other people sparked a desire to travel around North America to see and learn from the best in the spa industry.  Geraldine has now celebrated 35 years in the industry and she has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she strives to share as her purpose to help others continues.  

Geraldine’s previous website was very dated and not at all user friendly, so we were happy to work with her to provide a beautiful site that reflects the energy, passion and dedication of this amazing lady! Although she admits to not being very technical, we showed her how to do the basics in her one on one training on site in Unity, and we she even posted her first ever blog!  

All Trusted Marketing Services websites are mobile friendly & are simple to update – ALL include: Blog, social links, Google Analytics and include 2 hours Trusted consulting to assist with content creation &/or training- once we have the content ( which we help with) our quick turnaround time is guaranteed, and very importantly we are fairly priced.We are the web designers for small business in Saskatchewan you can trust


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