Trusted team explain why Pandas, Penguins & Pigeons are vitally important to YOUR business

Trusted doesn’t HIDE stuff from our clients, or make it seem like we perform miracles…. The saying goes that  knowledge is POWER, but our openness is refreshingly different to most agencies,  because the key to our relationship succeeding is that YOU understand that without ACTION any knowledge  you have is wasted (and thats where we come in,  to help you with the action part)

‘ New media ‘ is constantly changing and it is important as a business owner and / or marketing person to take the time to keep yourself informed (and on track) with new developments, so you can see how they may influence and affect your businesses bottom line now and in the future. When we find great information we share it with our partners and friends here on the Trusted Talk Blog and in person, after all, that’s what being social is all about.

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Have you Googled your category locally lately? If not you should,  as like many others you may be wondering why your search engine rankings have dipped suddenly? Watch out! You may still be unaware of the latest version of a Google update ..have you heard about  “Penguin” “Panda”  or most recently “Pigeon” Series updates? 

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Whats with the weird animal obsession?  

So, each year, Google changes its search algorithms innumerable times. While most of these changes are minor, every few months Google runs out a ‘major’ algorithmic update that affects search results in significant ways…if your rankings have dipped significantly then you need to make some changes to your current website. Whether that be yourself, the ‘ web expert’ in your business or the web designer or outside consultant that you turn to for web help don’t delay!     

In short: Old SEO strategies are passé. To stay ahead in the game, you need to be in tune with these ever changing prerequisites. If you thought your website could get away with:

• Links from pages having no content

• Poor quality links from irrelevant sites or links from site JUST crammed with ads

A static website that isn’t updated…if you don’t update at all SEE you on page 15 of Google baby

• Not having a blog or blogging the same content for multiple submissions, or providing poor quality content.  

• Absence of Social Media strategy in the overall SEO plan. YES FACE BOOK IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE…but only as part of a plan! 

Your rankings will suffer!

At Trusted we keep a track of all these unpredictable Google updates for our Trusted partners & marketing clients. The Trusted service difference means  we don’t just explain why and how  it effects things, but we  also help them  tackle these changes before they start to hit their rankings and organic website traffic.

Firstly just BEING part of a Trusted directory really helps their local SEO and in Pigeon directories got a boost – although the Trusted directories are far superior in quality to others out there – read our previous marketing piece about that here !!

Here we share our SEO strategies that are attuned to the latest Google Pigeon update:



• We recommend linking ONLY to sites that make logical sense and we steer clear of deceptive, ad-heavy sites.

• We use mostly unique and always top quality, relative content, every single time we blog…and we blog ALOT ( up to 52 times a month across all of our properties)  

• We incorporate Social Media in the best possible way and that generates a lot of quality  traffic

• We focusing on local search and that is what GOOGLE focuses on when it comes to the kind of businesses we partner with.

But most importantly we don’t try to cheat Google rankings or cut corners- Trusted work’s hard to provide everything that Google values and considers when doing these updates and in the end that is what will win out – It’s ALWAYS better to be good than to be slick …!

And remember to LOOK at your analytics ….you have them don’t you ? It will indicate very clearly if you are affected by these changes … ? If organic traffic falls off  or rises unexpectedly and nothing else has changed ..chances are you have the newest Google beast to thank

Don’t Let the Panda Devour your local Google Rankings or the Pigeon Peck away at your profits.

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