Superior Auto Body launches their Trusted Marketing Services Website to Saskatoon

The Trusted Marketing Services Saskatoon website design team are thrilled to unveil the new Superior Auto Body website to Saskatoon!

Trusted Marketing Services website to Saskatoon

Superior Auto Body new website

Superior Auto Body Saskatoon

Superior has been in business since 1961, and SGI accredited since 1982. They have many loyal longstanding clients from all over the city, this is due to the team at Superior taking pride in their workmanship… as they always say, “When we get through it’s just like new”.

The Trusted team are very familiar with Superior Auto Body as they are a TRUSTED SASKATOON AUTO BODY shop. Sara the Trusted founder and Monty, Superiors owner, did business together for years when she sold advertising for a local radio station. Monty was a tough nut to crack, but she persisted and eventually won his business and his trust. In fact, he was one of the first businesses to sign up with in 2011!  

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Superior Auto Body’s old website was very basic and Monty knew it was time to get up to date, so he asked the Trusted team to create him a simple new website.  Monty liked that all Trusted Marketing Services websites are mobile friendly & are simple to update – ALL include: Blog, social links, Google Analytics and include 2 hours Trusted consulting to assist with content creation &/or training- once we have the content ( which we help with) and he was impressed with our quick turnaround time. Also he knew we are fairly priced, and that as Trusted partners he is eligible for discounts on all of our marketing services! We are happy to launch their Trusted Marketing Services website to Saskatoon! 

Please do check it out , and if you want to contact us for a website quote click here.

Saskatoon auto body website

“The Trusted team are eager to help you and your organization achieve your marketing goals, we are a hands on local marketing team, and we are fully invested in our clients success. Trusted has a proven track record helping small to medium local businesses go from surviving to thriving. Our goal is to be considered an asset not a spend to our clients. “Sara Wheelwright, Trusted Founder, Saskatoon, SK

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