Trusted founder recognized as a leader in Saskatoon by Athena International

Trusted Founder Sara Wheelwright believes in supporting the communities she has business in as a company,  in addition she is committed to giving back as much as she can personally. As a small business in Saskatchewan,  Trusted isn’t able to donate large sums of money like big corporations, but we give what $’s we can and we give as much of our time and services as we can!
Sara, the Trusted founder recognized as a leader, in Athena International newsletter. Sara was one of several inspirational speakers at the BPW Athena Symposium in Saskatoon.
Trusted was also the sponsor of the Young Athena Award whos 2015 recipient was Jami Young! GIRL POWER!


Original article : IGNITE – Athena International newsletter



“ATHENA Lives Here!  On October 5th and 6th ATHENA was present in full force in Saskatoon.  Business and Professional Women Saskatoon’s  group hosted their first 2 day event that was focused completely around the ATHENA Leadership Model. 




October 5th we kicked off our event at the unique Village Guitar & Amp.  The collaboration of local restaurants The Grazing Goat, Inside-out Bakeries and City Perks sample some of the items available on their menus with Wine tastings provided through the Co-op liquor store created a welcoming atmosphere to kick off the event. The place was alive with the music of local favorite Carrie Catherine and the networking of people brought together to celebrate our lady of honor, founder of ATHENA International, Martha Mertz. 


A highlight of the evening is when Martha presented Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik with her Founding Lifetime Membership of the ATHENA Foundation certificate.  Jocelyn is one of only 100 members worldwide.  The room was then profoundly touched by the debut of the song “Athena” written and performed by Carrie Catherine specifically for this event.

October 6th left every woman involved inspired!  We heard from BPW first Vice President Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla and her fierce advocacy towards women’s continued battles for equal pay, equal recognition, and equal opportunities.  The crowd had the choice to see local leaders Monica Kreuger or Sara Wheelwright.  Each of them telling their own amazing stories of success and the road to get there.

Our lunch time Awards presentation brought almost 200 people out to celebrate this year’s nominees, our ATHENA Leadership Award Recipient Suellen Beatty, and the Young Professional ATHENA Recipient Jami Young.  The crowd was also treated to Carrie Catherine’s Athena song and a wonderful presentation by Martha Mertz as our Keynote speaker.

As the group reconvened for the afternoon, they were treated to a workshop like no other.  Each person had an opportunity to facilitate and participate in living Athena.  Each principle of the ATHENA Leadership Model was actively discussed. The conversation and participation was invigorating, it was a room of authentic true leaders in Saskatoon!  #AthenaLivesHere”




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