Trusted Announced As Winners Of 2017 ABEX Award For Community Involvement

Trusted Announced As Winners Of 2017 ABEX Award For Community Involvement

On October 21st, 2017 we are proud that Trusted Marketing Services parent company S & E Trusted Online Directories Inc won the Saskatchewan Chamber 2017 ABEX Award for Community Involvement.

2017 ABEX Award For Community Involvement

The ABEX is a wonderful event, as it not only supports entrepreneurs and business, but it also champions and recognizes the leaders in the broader Saskatchewan community. Our team want to, again, thank the Saskatchewan Chamber for this inspirational event and also thank Cogent Chartered Professional Accountants for supporting the spirit of community by sponsoring the Community Involvement Award.

All of the ABEX finalists are deserving– in the Community category some have been giving back consistently for decades, and the Trusted team want to express my gratitude for all they do publically.


We also want to thank:

Our clients, mostly small Saskatchewan companies who consistently step up to throw their support behind the causes we champion & vice versa- surely that is the definition of true and meaningful partnerships.

Treena Wynes and Leanna Mazza –together with the Trusted founder, Sara Wheelwright, organized the  Ignite The Life – Youth Suicide Prevention Rally. This 2-day event attended by over 500, mostly youth, offered support, REAL tools and shone a national media spotlight on the heartbreaking issue of child suicide, that has been especially hard for our Northern communities in Saskatchewan. We could have filled the venue many times over, it was tough to turn so many kids away that were seeking help. The rally highlighted and exposed issues ALL of our youth are facing! Prairie Wild Consulting stepped up in a huge way, as did The Saskatoon InnACT Audio Visual and others- coming together to create an inspirational and meaningful professional event.

Trusted has been giving back since day 1, but Ignite touched our team more than anything else, and to date, we know of at least 3 children whose lives have been saved because of the rally, and the Life Pact the kids attending were encouraged to sign.

Giving back is not just about making a donation – it’s about making a difference- Trusted is proud to be recognized for our efforts!

2017 ABEX Award For Community Involvement

There is no ME in Community…Just WE.